Why You Should Get a New Zipper Instead of a New Coat

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

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From the months of November - February the question we get asked the most at Gurcan Tailor is "do you guys fix zipper?".

The answer is yes (with the exception of some shoes and other items that may not fit under our machine).

Whether is a coat that you've had for years and can't let go of or one you got recently and the zipper broke right away, it can be fixed. Most tailor, including us at Gurcan Tailor have a vast variety of zippers in-store to help you out or have the tools to fix already existing zippers. Sometimes the teeth on the zipper might be the problem, requiring an entirely new zipper, and other times the slider might cause the issue only needing a new slider.

If you are thinking about getting a zipper replaced on your coat, jacket, pants, or whatever else it is you have, you have to ask yourself if it's worth it to you. At Gurcan Tailor we charge $25 - $30 for nonleather item zipper repairs such and coats and jackets, $35 - $48 for leather coat zipper replacements, $15 for pant zippers, and $10 if only the slider needs to be replaced. To some, this might seem like a great deal, like if you paid hundreds of dollars for an item just a few years ago. To some, these prices may seem unreasonable and we have had people say "I got this jacket for $10 from the thrift store". Whether your item costs $10 or $1000 the amount of time your tailor spends on replacing that zipper is the same and the cost of the zipper is the same as well. In the end, putting a new zipper in your items is based on how much you value it and how much more use you can get from it. In some cases, it makes perfect sense to have a new zipper put in, and in other cases, you are better off going for a new coat or jacket.

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