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Suit Sizing Chart: Tips and Tricks to get the Best Fit When Ordering a Suit Online.

When ordering a suit, it's important to choose the right size. The chart below provides a general outline of our suit sizes for classic/modern fit suits.

When measuring your chest and overarm size, leave enough space to fit two fingers in the gap between the tape measure and your body. The waist size indicated in bold is the size that the suit will come with. Once you have selected a jacket size, this size should be fairly close to your waist size. However, keep in mind that waist sizing for dress pants may be different than jean sizing, so the sizing may seem a little off if you are using your jacket size to determine the corresponding pants size. If you have any concerns, we are happy to assist. We offer free tailoring of all items purchased from us in person or online. Simply submit your measurements here and we can adjust the waist size to your preference once your order is placed.

Hip measurements are generally 4-6 inches larger than the waist size. A proper hip size on your pants will ensure a comfortable fit in the upper leg area and allow for comfortable mobility.

When ordering a suit, it's also important to make sure that your weight corresponds to the suit size that you have determined using your other measurements. If your chest, overarm, waist, and hip measurements are in the same line as your weight, then that is most likely your correct suit size, assuming that your body is similar to that of an average person.

If your weight corresponds to a larger size than your measured chest and overarm size, this may indicate that you have a larger-than-normal gut compared to others in your chest and overarm size range. In this case, we recommend ordering one or two sizes larger. In some cases, even ordering three sizes larger is suggested to prevent the front of the jacket from pulling when buttoned.

If your chest and overarm sizing are lower on the chart than your weight, this indicates that your upper body is larger than the average person in your weight range. If you have broad shoulders and/or are muscular in the upper body, we recommend getting a jacket that is one size larger than what was measured. This is because people who are muscular in the upper body may find the jacket shoulder to be tight if given a jacket based on the jacket and overarm size.

While we strive to provide the most accurate information possible, all information presented here is just a general outline and results may vary between individuals. Gurcan Tailor is not responsible for any sizing issues that may arise from using this chart. We are always happy to discuss individual sizing information and provide suggestions based on measured values.

Weight is given in pounds.

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