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The chart below gives a general outline of our suit sizes for classic/modern fit suits. 


Some overlap occurs between sizes and depending on how you'd like your jacket and/or pant to fit the smaller or larger option can be picked, but if you are not sure what you'd like, we highly recommend ordering the larger size as it is always easier to tailor items smaller. 

When measuring your chest size and overarm size, be sure to leave space in the tape measure to fit 2 fingers in the gap.

The waist (bolded) is the waist size the suit will come with and once a jacket size is picked this size should be pretty close to your waist size (waist sizing for dress pants is sometimes different than jean sizing, so if you are using your jacket size to find the corresponding pants you will be getting, the sizing may seem a little off to you). If you have any concerns about this we are always happy to assist.

Hip measurements are generally 4-6 inches more than the waist size. A proper hip size on your pants will ensure that your pants are comfortable in the upper leg area and provide you with comfortable mobility while not looking too wide in the legs. 

  • The last check when ordering a suit is the make sure your weight matches the suit size that you found with your other measurements. 

    • If your chest, overarm, waist, and hip measurements are in the same line as your weight then that is most likely your correct suit size long as your body is similar to that of an average person. 

    • In the case that you find that your weight corresponds to a bigger size than your measured chest and overarm size, this usually indicated that you may have a larger than normal gut compared to other in your chest and overarm size. In this case, we recommend ordering 1 or 2 sizes bigger. In some cases even ordering 3 sizes bigger is suggested to not have the front of the jacket pull when buttoned.

    • If your chest and overarm sizing are lower on the chart than your weight is, this indicates that your upper body is larger than the average person in your weight range. If you do have broad shoulder and/or muscular in the upper body, we recommend getting a jacket that is 1 size bigger than what was measured as we often find that those who are muscular in the upper body may find the jacket shoulder to be tight if given a jacket based on the jacket and overarm size. 

While we try to provide the most accurate information we can, all information presented here is just a general outline and results may differ between individuals. Gurcan Tailor is not responsible for any sizing issues that this chart may cause. We are always happy to discuss individual sizing information to get a better idea of individuals to build before ordering anything and giving our suggestions based on measured values.


Suit Size Chart.PNG

The weights listed are in pounds (lb)

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