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Bespoke vs Custom Made Suits

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Bespoke suit being made

You may be looking for suits online and see the term "Bespoke suits" on some websites that claim to make custom suits for you from scratch. Though custom-fit and custom suits may be similar to Bespoke suits, it is easy to trick you into thinking you are getting something you are not. In this article, we want to help you avoid false claims about what you are getting, and hopefully save your wallet.

Truly Bespoke suits could not be done without you present. The Bespoke suit process requires you to go in with your tailor multiple times to ultimately create a custom suit that was made for you from scratch. Your tailor will sew in unfinished parts of your suit while it is on you and take careful measurements while it's on you. A Bespoke suit will be made from very high-end materials. These features include 150s - 200s Italian wool, have functioning sleeve buttonholes, have a pure silk lining, and have a horsehair canvas. Of course, these high-end features are ultimately up to you to decide upon, but these should be some of the options you have. A Bespoke suit shop will generally not have many already made suits. This is because each suit is individually made for the customer, so you might only see a few samples to see styles and quality. At a Bespokeshop, you will generally see a large catalog with dozens to hundreds of material choices that your tailor can get from their manufacturer. Alternatively, there might already have a large collection of in-stock fabrics to choose from. All of these materials alone could be very expensive alone and considering that about 30-60 hours of labor goes into a custom Bespoke suit, it is easy to see that a Bespoke suit will be costly. Depending on exactly what types of materials are requested and the complexity of your suit, a custom Bespoke suit will run you $1300 - $8000, and even more in some cases from popular designers. Clearly, a Bespoke suit is not something that everyone would need in their wardrobe. If you find a company that says that they offer low-cost Bespoke suits, this should raise some eyebrows and questions.

What many online companies do is what is known as a custom suit, made-to-measure suit, or custom-fit suits. This is actually what we do at Gurcan Tailor. However, we do not take online measurement submissions for reasons we will talk about sho