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Finding your dream dress is easy with Gurcan Tailor.

The steps below explain how to get your dream dress from discovering your dress to having it custom fitted to you.

Step 1: Find YOUR dream dress (online or in-store)

We have over 800 dresses in store, but across all of the brands we work with there are thousands of styles and hundreds of colors to choose from. Use the links below to browse dresses from brands that we carry. Since there are thousands of styles to choose from, viewing dresses directly on the brand's websites makes the finding and filtering process easy and convenient. We also have physical and digital lookbooks in our shop as well if you would like to look in-store.

Best Sellers of Select Brands

Step 2: Measure & Order

Once you picked out a dress that you love, we will take your measurments to order in a dress that most closely fits you. We have live inventory trackers for most of the brands we work with and we can provide you with quick updates to know stock levels. We can also let you know of items coming into stock if the dress you pick out is not in stock.

Step 3: Alterations

Every body is different in many ways. For this reason, your dress most likely has to be altered in some way to fit just right. When we order in a dress for you, once it arrives, you will be asked to try on your dress and we will measure for the approripate alterations to be make

Step 4: Enjoy your dress

Now that all of the ordering and alterations are done, you are ready to rock the night with your dream dress.

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