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Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning done expertly.

At Gurcan Tailor we clean nearly all household and clothing items (or launder). Like with our tailoring services no job is too big or too small! Since our shops are 100% family run we strive to have excellent services meaning if we clean something and stains are still present we will try other treatment methods to see if any further removal is possible. Thank you for checking out our dry clean services page and we hope to see you soon!


Over the last 12 years that we have been in Rochester & Finger Lakes area, we have been offering high-quality dry cleaning services including leather, suede, wedding gowns, and rugs. We treat each item carefully to ensure that your items of fully clean.


Wedding Gown Cleaning

Making your dress look brand new again

Congratulations, you just got married! Now it is time to get that wedding dress cleaned so that you can pass it down to the next generation or have it stored. Each dress is cleaned both by our industrial cleaning equipment and by hand to ensure much of the stains are removed. The cleaning and pressing process takes between 6-8 hours and in the end, you get your dress just like the day you first got it. We also give you the option to have your dress hanging in a garment bag or have it preserved in a museum-quality box. 

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