Prom 2022 Season is Here!

With prom and balls just 3-5 months away, the 2022 prom season has officially started at Gurcan Tailor! We are excited about this upcoming season and have started to prepare for a busy prom season. Since last year we have nearly tripled our tuxedo collection and have added over 200 new suits to our collection. We have also added tons of new accessories in lots of different colors to allow you to match your date or school colors.

A professionally altered prom dress will make prom night be comfortable and make prom photos even better 

We recommend coming in 3-4 weeks before your prom for dress alterations. If for any reason you do need to come in within the last few days before your prom, we do take last minute fittings as well, but the number of these last minutes fittings may be limited.

Prom 2022 1_edited.jpg
Prom 2022 2.jpg

A custom-fit suit or tuxedo from Gurcan Tailor goes a long way to make your prom night just that much better. Our tuxedo rental packages are $175.

Long as a very specific color or style is not needed, for most tuxedo reservations we recommend reserving your tuxedo 2-4 weeks before your prom. If you are looking for a style or color that is not the classic black, navy, or steel grey we suggest coming in about 6-8 weeks before your prom so we can order your items, Many of our suppliers having their shipments delayed this year due to supply chain issues. This ensures that all items will arrive in time and we will have time to do alterations.