This payment is for menswear orders that need to be ordered and/or altered. Before we get your items ready this initial deposit needs to be paid - this $100 deposit does not include tax. Once your order is ready the remaining balance needs to be paid. For example, if your order is for $200, you will pay $100 plus tax for $200. 


THIS DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE SINCE THIS ALLOWS US TO ORDER IN YOUR ITEMS FROM OUR MANUFACUTURS SPECFIC TO YOU AND WE WILL ALTER THEM. If you cancel your order once we have placed and order from our manufactuors and/or alterations have already been done you agree to forfit all payments made so far. 



This is NOT a security deposit for any rental items. Security deposits for rentals will be $140 which will be collected at your items pickup once ready to ensure items are not stolen, damaged/stained, and/or returned in a timely manner. 

Menswear Deposit (per purcahse/rental))