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Finding The Right Tailor

Photo of Murat Gurcan & Sevgi Gurcan at work.

1. Charging Too Much For Basic Jobs

Often people think more experience means higher rates. For example, hemming a pair of pants typically costs $10 - $15 at most places in Upstate, NY. It would not make sense to charge $30 for hemming a pair of pants just because another tailor has 2 or 3 times more experience, yet we hear from customers that they sometimes do. If anything, overcharging generally indicates that too much time has been spent on the service. Hemming a pair of pants never takes longer than 5-10 minutes so if someone tells you "it took a great deal of work to do" and the price seems unreasonable, then it usually is not the best deal or work. A great example of this is with zipper repairs and sleeve shortenings. If you Google "how much does a zipper repair cost?" the first few links will tell you that you should be looking at paying $50-$65 for regular items and even more for leather items. As a company that replaces hundreds of zippers every year, we can say that these values are not very realistic for most places. Our zipper repairs range from $25-$30 for regular jackets/coats and ever for leather coat zippers, we charge $35 -$50. If you happen to live in the Upstate, NY area then the values that you may see on Google should not be what you are paying.

2. Timing That Things Get Done

We read about and head about brides having wedding dresses take 2-4 months to have altered or bridesmaids dresses taking 1-2 months to be altered. Though bridal alterations are some of the most time consuming due to their complexity, these time frames are concerning. We suggest waiting 2-4 weeks before your wedding to have any alterations done. This is due to people losing/gaining weight and other natural body changes that can occur within a longer time