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Bridesmaid Dress Collection

Our goal is to make your bridesmaids feel beautiful in the dresses the wedding party chooses without breaking the bank.  Both Morilee and Kanali K have over 70 colors to choose from that go with weddings of any theme and season. We understand that weddings are expensive and that finances can be tight for some, which is why we price our bridesmaid's dresses mostly between $100 - $250 and offer 50% off the alterations that come up. Just for reference, bridesmaids dresses that come to use to be altered usually take between 1-3 hours to be altered, depending on what needs to be done, and with our rate of $60/hr, that means that they can cost between $60 - $180 to be tailored. With the discounted alterations on dresses from us, everyone in your group is looking at saving $30 - $90 on the alterations alone. 

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